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Xinhua Hong Kong, Hong Kong, September 4 electric renowned ophthalmologist Lam Shun-chiu on the 4th to accept Xinhua News Agency reporters interview that in 5-10 years, if the e <a href="http://www.sensitivi.ch/lv.htm">louis vuitton taschen</a> eye technology developed, Shanxi is expected to be dug eye boy By implant surgery to restore partial vision and the ability to act independently in the outdoors. Lam Shun-chiu has previously expressed its willingness to fund and free treatment for injured boy. But he stressed that the current electronic eye technology is not mature, its primary task is now high degree of simulation of implanted prosthesis. He explained that the normal eye is the image into electrical signals to the brain, the electronic eye design principles and the same is received after the image into electrical signals in the brain through the installation of the sensors to receive the wafer. The world have successful precedent, but the technology is not yet mature, and there are infections and the risk of damage to brain tissue. "Visual areas of the brain injured boy is healthy, if the opportunity to put the signal reached here, he was able to see things. "Said Dennis Lam, & louis vuitton online shopldquo; estimated 5 to 10 years later, with nanotechnology and chip advances in technology will mature electronic eye, you can see things more dangerous will be reduced. "Lin Shun-chiu that boys 16 to 10 years old, you can consider taking electronic eye technology, to achieve some recovery of visual acuity. Lam Shun-chiu said the boys come to accept him as president of Shenzhen Xi Malin Shunchao Eye Hospital surgery, depending on the decision of the family boy. & Ldqlouis vuitton online shopuo; Our team sent a concern, the entire treatment program to communicate with the boys family is also very clear that they are very interested. But because the distance is very far away, and the local hospitals are doing well, so is to stay in or come to Shenzhen local treatment, louis vuitton taschen their families are discussed. "Lin Shun-chiu said 4-6 weeks to complete the installation can be thought injured boy prosthetic eye, Shenzhen hospital room has been reserved for him and his family, Lin Shun-chiu will work with the team of experts within the surgery, the whole process free of charge. August 24, 2013 afternoon, 19 oclock, Shanxi Fenxi County child injury occurred egregious cases, <a href="http://www.sensitivi.ch/lv.htm">louis vuitton taschen</a> one being the home of six year-old boy playing outside the suspect Kwak was taken to the field , the implementation of its eyes serious injury. Shanxi Eye Hospital patients underwent surgery, has safely through infection, wound healing.

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